Senior Care: Exploring Assisted Living Options

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With over 3,000 assisted living facilities in Florida alone, there’s no shortage of options for your loved one.

Putting someone you love in senior living can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. The aging process can be difficult for some and if you don’t have the ability or time to take care of your elderly loved one’s needs, senior living is the best path forward.

With so many choices available, it’s important to do your due diligence to ensure your loved one gets the care they deserve. In today’s post, we’ll explore options for senior care living and give you a short guide to understanding which assisted living option will best meet your needs.

The transition to assisted living will be a big one for your loved one. Keep reading and make sure they’re transitioning into a place that feels like home.

Options for Senior Care Living

Senior living comes in two forms. There are senior living facilities that include things like 55+ retirement homes and luxury senior communities.

Then, there are assisted living facilities that have staff and various amenities to care for the elderly. Which you choose for your loved one will depend on their day-to-day needs.

Independent Living

Independent senior living communities fall more under the first category. These are better for aging people who are still active and don’t need much help living their daily lives. Residents of these facilities don’t require much medical assistance, but get more out of downsizing and being in a community.

The communities help elderly people connect with people their age. Facilities might have various amenities, from in-house dining to exercise and games rooms.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is more for seniors who still maintain their independence, but require assistance with some daily tasks. Staff is available at these facilities to help residents with dressing, bathing, preparing meals, and administering medication, among other things.

The services your loved one gets at these facilities are tailored to their specific needs. This is different from a nursing home, where residents need near-constant attention.

Skilled Nursing Care

If your loved one has chronic health conditions, they may require skilled nursing care. These residents have staff around them daily to provide assisted living care.

The facility will work alongside medical professionals to ensure residents take their meds and look after trickier conditions. These services are similar to long-term care but often offer more in-depth medical services.

Memory Care

Memory care is a specific type of senior care that helps dementia patients. These facilities provide all of the services of a skilled nursing care home but with programs aiding the symptoms of cognitive decline.

Those with dementia and Alzheimer’s may need help dealing with social issues, confusion, and communication problems. Memory care services involve research-based programming, as well as family education to make the fluidity of cognitive decline easier to handle.

Tips for Choosing a Facility

Now that you know some of the main types of senior living, it’s time to help you choose the right community for your loved one. Follow these steps and you’ll find a facility you can trust with their health.

Assess Loved One’s Needs

First, assess your loved one’s daily needs. This should help you figure out which type of the above-mentioned senior care options are most suitable.

For example, if they’re dealing with the onset of dementia, memory care is the best option. If they’re still independent, but experiencing more and more health issues, assisted living is the right choice. Talk to them and get a sense of what they want out of senior living as well.

Assisted Living Location Matters

The transition into assisted living can be tough. Even when the facility is great, you should be around to ease the transition into their new life.

Look for communities that are accessible to multiple family members. The more you can stop by for visits, especially in the first few months, the easier it’ll be for your loved one.

Look at Amenities and Dining

An important aspect of senior living is the facility’s amenities. What do they offer to improve your loved one’s quality of life?

There are a couple of important lifestyle things to think about here. First, make sure that the facility has an in-house dining option that serves nutritious and delicious meals. Diet is so important for reducing the risk of health complications in older people.

You should also look for assisted living amenities that make daily living fun. Some facilities may have a games room, while others might have a fitness center or walking trails. Find out what your loved one is interested in and choose a facility with amenities to match those needs.


Find out what other assisted living activities the community offers. In particular, you want to find good social programming that brings residents together. Social interaction is another important aspect of senior living.

Seniors with an active social life tend to be mentally healthier and happier. They’re also more likely to be physically active when they’ve got a group of friends. Social programs in senior living might include excursions outside the facility, game nights, and exercise clubs.

Take a Tour and Meet the Staff

Lastly, the best way to figure out if a community is right for your loved one is to schedule a tour. Make sure to check out the apartments and make note of the quality of the facility.

It’ll also be important to speak with staff members to get a sense of whether they’ll be the right people to care for your loved one. Show up to the tour with a list of questions that can help you determine if the facility is a good fit in general.

Get Your Loved One the Right Care in Royal Palm Beach

Putting your loved one into senior care is never easy. It’s a big decision and should be treated as such, which is why we’ve written this guide to help you along. There are many options for senior care living, so you need to do the work to find the right one for your loved one’s needs.

If you’re in Royal Palm Beach, come and pay us a visit at The Capstone at Royal Palm. We’re an assisted living and memory care facility with a litany of amenities that make senior living fun. To schedule a tour for yourself and your loved one, contact us today.