Safety measures we’ve put in place for Hurricane Nicole

Due to the ongoing threat of Hurricane Nicole, we have put the following safety measures into place to keep our residents and care associates safe:

  • Coordinating with emergency management officials for storm preparedness, resident counts, staff counts and contingency planning
  • Battening down and moving in all outdoor furniture
  • Fully fueling up generators and one week’s supply of food and provisions
  • Preparing sandbags in case of flooding
  • Doing a full inventory of safety equipment and materials to hand out in the case of power outages or flooding
  • Splitting our staff into an A Team and B Team with the plan that our A Team will be required to provide overnight coverage (possibly up to 24-hour continuous coverage) without the ability to leave due to road advisories mandated by the county. Once roads are safe to travel, our B Team will relieve our A Team.

Our No. 1 priority is the safety of our residents and care associates. We have been and will continue to act with an abundance of caution and in coordination with local officials. If you require additional information, please call our executive director, Chelsea Specht, at (561) 570-2005. Thank you, and stay safe!